Nice and Easy - Erin Nicholas

Nice and Easy

By Erin Nicholas

  • Release Date: 2019-02-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Size: 2.16 MB
Score: 4.5
From 66 Ratings

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A hot firefighter who just wants to take care of her and her little boy? Sign her up.

Moving in with him and his little girl who already has a huge chunk of her heart? Very nice.

Roommates with benefits? Yes, please.

Convincing this take-charge alpha to let her take care of him too? That’s not going to be as easy.


  • Another amazing story. I love the Boys of the Big Easy series!

    By Mimbybear
    I love this series. The Boys of the Big Easy is a series about faith, hope, love, commitment, second chances, friendship, loyalty and so much more. The story lines and characters are down-to-earth, realistic and heartwarming. This book is no different. Nice and Easy might be my favorite, so far. It is so sweet and it's pretty realistic. It is by far the most decadent of the stories, if you catch my meaning. Caleb is a lieutenant with the Fire Department and a single dad, sort-of. His sister and brother-in-law died in a car accident, leaving their 18 month old daughter, Shay, in his custody. He did his best but, when everything got to be too much, he found a single parents group filled with people that quickly became his second family. With all the stress and chaos in his life, he finds comfort in controlling things. He needs to provide, care and protect others, especially Shay, Lexie and little Jack, to feel he's doing the right thing. To prove he's not a failure. Lexie's a beautiful person, inside and out. She sweet, generous and kind to everyone. When her son's father decided he couldn't be burdened with her or their child, she found herself alone as a single mom with a newborn at 18. She joined the group a month after Caleb, the sexy, single, firefighter. After meeting, the two quickly realized the value in having someone to share the responsibilities with. They agreed that Lexi would watch the kids while he works, and he would watch them while she works and goes to school. They shared the child care, chores, cooking and shopping duties. This system worked well for over two years. However, Lexie has secretly, or maybe not so secretly, harbored a crush on Caleb for the entire time. Caleb has also tried to keep his feelings and desires for her to himself, believing that it was wrong because of the age difference. When Lexie finds herself needing a new place to live, Caleb convinces her to move in with Shay and him. Living in the same house has brought their feelings bubbling to the surface and now they have to learn to navigate a new set of rules. I just love this story, this series, and I can't wait to read the next book, Getting Off Easy! Well done to the author.
  • Incendiary!

    By kmmichels
    Caleb and Lexi were incendiary! These two were so determined to ignore the chemistry for so long, but they definitely lit it up when Caleb goes all alpha and moves her in. The love these two have for their kids is awesome. Co-parenting was working for them, but being partners in every sense worked for them even better! This series has been wonderful, and I cannot wait for more of these guys.
  • So, so good!

    By PattiA810
    This is an amazing story with depth, warmth and considerable charm. These characters are so different and personable that you become entralled with their hope, their struggles, their loyalty and their love. Caleb has guardianship over his 4 year old orphaned niece, Shay and he takes his role very seriously. Lexi and her 2 year old son Jack have had their difficulties but, with the support of Caleb and his offer to move into his home, they manage to make it work. The adorable, eager and curious Shay and Jack along with Caleb and Lexi's budding romance, really make this book so irresistible that you won't stop reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Single Parent Romance done right!

    By Xiaguan2014
    Single parents who are helping each other navigate the wild ride of young parenting make for a fun wild ride. Lexi is a young mom and Caleb is a fixer of all things that need help. Lexi wants things Caleb is afraid to give her. Makes for a fun twist and a wonderful HEA! This Erin Nicholas series about single parents is just FABULOUS! So real and so fun!
  • Loved it!

    By Cheryl33610
    It’s sexy and steamy down in The a Big Easy...and a little kinky, too! While I’m used to the sexy steamy-ness of Ms. Nicholas’s books, the kink added a bit of a twist. Not bad, certainly not hard core, but it’s a disclaimer to those who may not enjoy that flavor in your romance. While Caleb is not generally know for being nice & easy around most people, he definitely is easy to get along with...that is, until Lexi and her son Jack move in. Although Caleb and Lexi share child rearing help of Jack and Caleb’s niece, Shay, with each other, things change when they are living in the same house. Caleb tries to do things for Lexi, but she doesn’t need him to take command...unless it’s in the bedroom! The same humor and fabulous storytelling that are present in every Erin Nicholas book are front and center in Nice and Easy, too. And while in the two previous books in the series we saw many of the support groups secondary characters, this book was 80% just Caleb and Lexi...and their little chosen family....and it was perfect!! We did have a short visit here and there, which is always great, but I so enjoyed these two characters fumbling their way along this new path together, issues and all. That’s yet another mark of a great writer...not every book follows the same trope, or formula. We don’t need to see every character we know in every single book. Love this book, love this series...I never want it to end! I received an ARC of this book, but I voluntarily left a review.
  • I want to live in this book series!

    By KindleKat64
    Holy hotness!!! If ever there was a way to transport myself into a book series this would be the one for me. I love this book and this series so much, and these NOLA boys are just sexy as hell!!! Caleb Moreau takes sexy single dad and firefighter hero to a new level! The overprotective hero part sometimes to his detriment. Lexi may be young, but she is strong, sweet and loving, yet quite feisty and she definitely has a hidden side to her that was surprising to say the least. Caleb has managed to keep his feelings for Lexi in check for quite some time, but that ends here. Once they were able to take their nice and easy relationship to the next level and way beyond, these two were absolutely on fire together! I couldn't get enough of their sizzling chemistry, easy interactions and how they so seamlessly have been a family without even realizing it. Their story is equal parts, fun, sexy and emotional with many other characters adding to the depth of it. The family dynamic, the way they are so there for each other and the way they love those children fiercely, tugged at my heartstrings. As always Erin Nicholas manages to put so much heart, soul and emotion into her writing that comes out from the first page. I adore Caleb and Lexi and ALL the Boys of the Big Easy!!!
  • Big Easy!1

    By KellyMcClure
    Hello, Big Easy!! Another hot mess from the Boys of the Big Easy. Caleb became an overnight father due to the tragic death of his sister. Two years later and he feels like he is doing ok, especially with the help of his almost live-in nannie and friend Lexi. Lexi is raising her son by herself and due to some family issues, her situation gets a little sticky. Having Caleb and Shay to step in as her substitute family is just what she needs. Even though all of their friends and even Lexi see the sparks, it takes Caleb nearly losing Lexi in comfortable life to open up and see what could be. But then Lexi doesn’t know everything he is dealing with and if he has to say it out loud, well, that just makes it even more real. Erin Nicholas never disappoints with her involved storylines, her unique but original characters and the strength of the relationships involved. She did an exceptionally nice job covering the issues involving Shay and I applaud her for bringing those concerns as well as possible solutions to the front. Once again, waiting for the next story will be the hardest part….
  • A sexy read

    By hnobbs
    I loved this book and I loved Caleb and Lexi together. They were a perfect couple and family. They both brought to the relationship what the other needed. Yet it took them or more importantly Caleb awhile to realize this. Even though Lexi was several years younger than Caleb she was much more mature than he at first gave her credit for. But I think it was more of him keeping a blind eye to it and wanting to be the one to take care of her. I will say one thing though about Caleb- he is an excellent dirty talker! Whooeee! And when Lexi told him what she wanted out of the relationship with him he really stepped up and did his homework. And A+++++! I so enjoyed this book in the Boys of the Big Easy series and it definitely is as fabulous as the others in the series. Can’t wait for James and Harper’s story.
  • She knew EXACTLY what she wanted!

    By Cheryl SDS
    Another grand slam from this extremely talented author! This wonderful book is third in the Boys of the Big Easy series and it features the ever bossy Caleb and sassy Lexi. I love watching a woman enter a relationship knowing EXACTLY what she wanted from her partner. I also love that he researched, with his friends, EXACTLY how to give her what she wanted. Lexi was much stronger than I gave her credit for. I did not like it when there was a past conquest or a future hopeful and Caleb let Lexi handle them. He should’ve just stepped in and made it clear that he was with Lexi but that’s just my opinion. The kids were adorable and played a bigger role in this book. The story line was great and the characters are always fantastic. There was the perfect amount of angst and heat between Caleb and Lexi. The issues they dealt with were real and handled with the utmost care. I can’t wait to see who gets their story told next.
  • Fantastic Book

    By ShellBooks66
    Nice and Easy is another fantastic story from the ever so talented Erin Nicholas. This is Caleb and Lexi’s story this is number 3 in the Boys of the Big Easy series and was just as wonderful as the others. This was a story with humor, great banter, fun and lovable characters with a whole lot of heart, your typical classy Erin Nicholas Read. This is definitely a story you can’t put down you can’t help but fall for these great people and you just want to get to know them. Caleb is your hot and sexy single father firefighter and Lexi is the much to young and sexy single mother he should keep away from so he thinks. But if it is up to Lexi she is determined to change his mind any sexy way she can. There is so much in this story that will definitely keep you hooked from start to end. I absolutely recommend this great story. A Must Read!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.