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The Diabetic Cookbook: Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for a Diabetes Diet

By Shasta Press

  • Release Date: 2013-11-11
  • Genre: Special Diet
  • Size: 6.02 MB
Score: 4.5
From 69 Ratings

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Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all your favorite comfort foods. The Diabetic Cookbook will show you how you can regulate your blood sugar and lose weight, all while eating meals that are hearty, flavorful, and nourishing.

The key to effectively managing diabetes is creating a realistic diet plan that works for your lifestyle. With The Diabetic Cookbook you’ll get more than 120 delicious recipes that take the stress out of managing the symptoms of diabetes. Enjoy mouthwatering Diabetic Cookbook versions of everything from Philly cheesesteak, to Macaroni and Cheese, to Rich Chocolate Torte, and take the frustration out of cooking for diabetes. Whether you have been struggling with diabetes for years, or you were recently diagnosed, The Diabetic Cookbook can help you keep your blood sugar steady, maintain blood pressure, and gain control over diabetes permanently. 

The Diabetic Cookbook makes it easy to manage your diabetes with:

• More than 120 delicious Diabetic Cookbook recipes for every meal of the day
• 10 quick and easy tips to take charge of diabetes from the editors of The Diabetic Cookbook
• Healthful cooking techniques and kitchen tips from The Diabetic Cookbook
• A detailed list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy

With The Diabetic Cookbook, you’ll look forward to every meal and take complete control of your health.


  • Something for everyone

    By SaundraDee
    I used this cookbook to sneak in healthier foods for my family. They never realized the foods I made were not our usual bad-for-us recipes. Cookbook has basic recipes like beef stroganoff and more advanced ones like clam spaghetti. There is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Southwestern Recipes that are Diabetic-Friendly and Taste Great

    By nfsmith61
    Southwestern foods are comfort foods to my family. I was delighted to see recipes with healthy diabetic-friendly substitutions in recipes for Breakfast Burrito with Spinach and Black Bean Salsa, Extra-Loaded Nachos Supreme, Southwest Stuffed Red Bell Pepper and five more Southwestern recipes that are just as good.
  • The Diabetic Cookbook

    By JLA-Adk
    The diabetic cookbook is for all cooks. Whether a new cook or an experienced cook this book will serve as a guide to providing a healthy approach to cooking for one or an entire family. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow.
  • Enjoy your favorite foods.

    By Amy Chennault
    Love the Monte Cristo sandwich. Was the first recipe I tried and I was definitely skeptical it would taste good because it was made healthy. I was wrong. It tastes yummy! Have tried many recipes and every on of them is great. If you are looking for a way to eat healthy and still make your favorite foods, this book is for you!
  • Diabetic Deathbook

    By Domreddy
    In the light of the numerous health reports that come at daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly i cannot understand how someone could pass this off as health cookbook. For someone suffering from diabetes the last thing you should still be doing is consuming these fatty, and salty foods even if they are low fat low salt. The only thing I found useful was how to preserve your fresh herbs but aside from that this read was hard for me and even harder on a diabetics nervous system if he trys these recipes.
  • So many recipes none worthwhile

    By divinemetaphysical
    So many recipes none worthwhile i cannot stress this point enough. The diabetic Cookbook needs to do their homework because they actually suggested aspartame as a supplement for regular sugar. This is mind boggling since so much information has come out on the debilitating effects of such a substance. Besides that if you are a diabetic the last thing you need to be introducing to your body system is meats, or chesses, these all continue on the process of the diabetic circumstance that you'vebeen plagued with. Bottom line anyone on a SAD (Standard American DIet) would love this book but i will never give this as worthwhile text for some with diabetes.
  • Fantastic range of Recipes - Family Favs and Treats!

    By Kiwi Liz B
    I was really impressed with the range of recipes modified in this book so everyday families could include them without having to make something extra special for the diabetic in the family. A little difficult for anyone wanting to avoid non fat, asparatame and cow dairy but there are LOTs of recipes to check out and receive inspiration on how to make changes for a healthy you.
  • Helped Me Not To Have To Give Up Foods I Loved!

    By Vsdreamon
    The shock of being told to reduce my sugar intake forced me to make some changes in the kitchen. I didn’t want to have to give up the things I liked, and this book gave me amazing reduced-sugar and low-fat recipes for everyday foods that I have always loved. It has lots of recipes for soups, breakfasts, entertaining, main meals, fancier international entrees and appetizers, vegan meals (for when my daughter visits) and even desserts. I am very excited that this one book has given me so much to experiment with.
  • Simple and Delicious

    By Pratiksha765
    I loved this book! Before this book I was very wary about eating diabetic meals throughout the day. I thought it would be bland or bitter, but this book proved me wrong! The recipes in this book really do make you want to eat diabetic food. They give you the food statistics with each different recipe including sugars, carbohydrates and fiber. This really helped me slowly get off regular fast food and on par with healthy foods. I am impressed with how well the recipes are and can't wait to try another.
  • Tasty Recipes

    By GarfunkelandSimon
    I loved the informative intro on nutritional guidelines for diabetics. The recipes are tasty and perfect for those with diabetes, and even those without who want to avoid excess sugars. The recipes are simple and delicious.