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Sports League Tracking Website Software

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  • PostedAugust 18, 2013

Are you a sport manager, coach, player or a fan? Start tracking the progress of your team with our full fledged Sport Tracker developed especially for sport associations. It supports the most common team sports such as Hockey (both US and European scoring rules), Basketball, Soccer, Football and Baseball.

The Sport Tracker enables the user to easily manage the data of the team from stem to stem. Set up leagues, assign seasons, conferences, divisions, teams, players and matches. You can then display current standings, scheduled matches, player progiles and tons of other information to your visitors.

If you want to simply show data about matches, player and team statistics, for any sport you like, you can use our Table Builder. Simply enter the data in to a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc and upload the file to our system. It’s that simple to keep track of your favorite sport team or player!

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